Local Partners

This service helps you find local professionals who serve the special needs community.



Find an attorney who has a dedicated practice in special needs planning.  The attorneys listed have all taken the Special Needs Forum Estate Planning training course and are Special Needs Forum Attorney Fellows.

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Financial Advisors

Find a financial advisor who has a dedicated service to families who have a loved one with special needs.  

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Trust Companies

Find trust companies who are dedicated to providing professional trustee services to special needs trusts.

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Residential Communities

Find residential communities that support building a great life for individuals with special needs.

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Other Friends

Find other friends of the Special Needs Forum who support the idea of building a great life for individuals with special needs.

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Why Use a Local Partner?

Advocates of Special Needs Planning 
Local Partners are advocates of special needs planning.
Local Partners must have integrity or they don’t become Local Partners.
Community Involvement
Local Partners provide Special Needs Forum live events in their geographical area. You can get to know Local Partners at Live Special Need Forum events.

Want to become a Local Partner?

Are you looking to help change the lives of special families in your community?  Contact us to become a Local Partner and bring the Special Needs Forum live events to your neighborhood.