Fellows Summit 2018

Fellows Summit 2018
Are you ready to EXPAND your Practice?
Do you want to be THE GO TO special needs planning attorney in your community?

Become a Special Needs Forum Fellow and


Live Training Program in Austin, Texas February 2018


Learn how to become the go to special needs planning firm in your community. Help change lives of the special needs families in your area and become the Special Needs Forum Fellow in your community.


Build your special needs contacts in a way that will generate ongoing referrals and build a speaking and revenue generating platform that actually works.

- GROW -

Grow your practice to become the number one special needs panning resource in your community and add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your gross annual revenue without much additional overhead costs.


In 2013 board certified estate planning and probate attorney Julia Nickerson, along with a group of special needs advocates created the Special Needs Forum to help educate families who have a loved one with special needs about various aspects of legal and financial planning.

Every year the Special Needs Forum hosts 9 workshops discussing topics such as special needs trusts, government benefits, guardianships and conservatorships, adult living communities and providing enough financial resources.

After a couple of years hosting Special Needs Forum events in Austin, Texas, Nickerson and her firm became known as the go to law firm for special needs planning in Texas.  Here is what happened:

1. Special needs advocates from all over central Texas refer their list of contacts to the Special Needs Forum events, Julia and her firm

2. Parents of some of the biggest special needs non-profits in Texas became clients of Julia

3. One of the premier special needs residential communities in the country, Marbridge, asked Julia to serve as a Board of Trustees member

4. People who had their special needs planning done elsewhere switch to Julia's firm

5.  Julia is continuously asked to speak at events that help support the special needs community

6.  Special needs planning generates one-third of Julia's firm's revenue

7.  Julia and her firm are not at all worried about on-line do-it-yourself websites taking away business

8.  Julia and her team are blessed to truly help families who see the world from a non-materialistic perspective

The Forum Fellows Summit is a three day live training program and a one-year marketing solution that will help you bring the Special Needs Forum to your city and in-turn, grow your practice so that you become the GO TO special needs planning attorney in your community.

The training course teaches you how to implement the events in your city, how to develop your local contacts in a smart and meaningful way, and tips to avoid to ensure your success.  In addition, throughout 2018 the Special Needs Forum's team will help market your firm, manage your forum events and handle your email invitations so you don't have to!

By bringing the Special Needs Forum to your city, you will grow your practice, increase your revenue and give back to your community. 

The Forum Fellows Summit is NOT a special needs continuing legal education training program.   One of the founding Members of the Special Needs Forum, attorney Julia Nickerson, is a supportive member of WealthCounsel, ElderCounsel and NAELA, attends their very informative events, uses their software programs, reads their publications and advocates for Forum Fellows to do so for substantive understanding of the law surrounding special needs planning.  The Forum Fellows live training program teaches how to prepare, market and implement Special Needs Forum events so they become successful in your city and you become the go-to special needs planning attorney in your community.

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Who Should Attend

Estate Planning Attorneys 
Elder Law Attorneys
Financial Professionals
Businesses that support the special needs community



Wednesday through Friday
February 7-9, 2018


$3,995 to attend and a membership fee of $495 a month, which will include the marketing and management of your events through the next year. If you are interested in the Flex Option, please email us for information.


What's Included

3 day live training course in Austin
Attend a live Forum event in Austin
One year of ongoing marketing and training


Austin, Texas




One Fellow per territory. Don’t let your competitor take your spot! 

Kind Words from Attendees and Partners

Attending the Special Forum was one of the best things I did.  I learned so much about the legal things I need to be cognizant about regarding taking care of my daughter with IDD and Autism. She is now 18 and the forum was an eye opening experience

I have been attending the Special Needs Forum for a couple of years now and I can’t say enough how much I have benefited from all these sessions--and I mean EVERY ONE of them!  With two children on the Autism Spectrum, it could be overwhelming just to think about how to care for them when they become adults.  Fortunately I discovered this forum and it provided me the answers and directions I was looking for!

Sometimes I went to the same topics even more than once because I always learn something new.  We are living in an ever changing world and Julia makes sure that the information presented is up to date and in sync with new laws and new regulations.   I always walked out of these sessions with a lot more valuable knowledge than I had ever expected.   

What I learned has helped me tremendously in putting together a comprehensive plan for my children.  You really don’t want to miss this forum if you are involved in the life of someone that is special.  It’s time so very well spent!

This forum provides the kind of information that can make a big difference in planning for the future for families of children with special needs. It's a great resource for families! 

— Rosemary A.

I strongly suggest anyone with kids who have disabilities participate. The law changes often and the special needs forum keeps you informed. It is also great to meet with other folks in similar situations.  It is a legal and community resources hub.