Google Maps Engages Wheelchair Accessible Areas

Google maps is a top contender when it comes to navigation. They now want to make navigating easier for individuals with special needs by creating a system where you can see wheelchair accessible areas such as parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and much more.

Sasha Blair-Goldensohn is a software engineer at Google who uses a wheelchair. Last year Google updated their navigation system to allow you to see “wheelchair” accessibility next to hours of operation, address, etc. Since Google relies on users to submit information into their system, they are trying to create a simple 5 question system. Goldensohn is now working towards a push for individuals to partake in the expansion.

This will help make life a little easier for those who need wheelchair or even stroller and walker accessibility. Together everyone can partake in helping Google expand their navigation for every individual.

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Google Wants Help Tagging Accessible Places