Hotels Are Now Learning to Accommodate All Individuals

Alexander and Maximillian are brothers from Anaheim, California. Max is 10 years old and is on the autism spectrum. Alexander and Max come from a family that loves to travel; their parents believe it is a great learning opportunity for them. However, during their travels they soon learned that basic necessities for Max were not always easily accessible.

Alexander thought up the idea that hotels should offer these basic necessities to all their hotel guests. Families who have individuals with special needs need things like diapers, weighted vests, and various other items. With this idea in mind Alex’s parents encouraged him to write a proposal and send it to various hotels, so he did.

After sending out his proposal he received little to no response. Nevertheless he didn’t stop trying until he finally got a response from a hotel next to Disneyland. Mr. Gee from the hotel invited Alex and his father to present their ideas to Sheraton Park Managers. Since then Mr. Gee and the hotel have spent $8,000 implanting new accommodations for families. Restaurants now have dietary food options, sippy cups, and utensils. They even brought in a behavioral therapist to train their employees.

Thanks to Alex and his family there will now be hotels who accommodate everyone including families who have individuals with special needs.

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