How Robots Can Help Individuals with Special Needs

Manor, Texas has implemented the first talking robot in central, Texas, as a new tool to be used in the classroom. This robot, named Milo, was created for those with autism in mind; however, it has shown to be beneficial to all children, not just those with autism.

Milo is used as a teaching aid and has the ability to teach unlimited lessons as well as 4 different languages. It has easy visual communicators to help children understand more effectively, and is also helpful for non-verbal students who can use Milo as a tool to manipulate speech.

Milo addresses 4 key areas including; emotional, social, conversation and self-regulation. It can identify facial expressions and label feelings. Socially, Milo is able to help children with the comprehension of situations as well as pinpoint common ways to handle them. Maintaining and ending conversations as well as teaching ways to handle stress are just a few of the ways Milo addresses these four areas.

Milo’s ability as a robot to be 100 percent consistent with its lessons as well as its limitless amount of patience has a positive impact on all children, especially those who are on the autism spectrum.

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