Texas Water Park Accessible for those with Special Needs Opens in San Antonio

Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a water park in San Antonio, Texas, specifically designed for those with special needs in mind. Creator, Gordon Hartman, designed this park with a goal to include those with and without special needs. His inspiration sprang from his own experiences with his daughter who often felt left out due to her cognitive and physical challenges.

This park includes a variety of features that accommodate unique needs and as a bonus; admission is free to those who have special needs. A few of these features include, fast passes for those who have trouble waiting in line, waterproof wheelchairs are available for rent as well as private areas set aside to allow transfer from one wheelchair to another, quiet areas are scattered around the park for those who need a break and water temperature can be adjusted for individuals who have a sensitivity to cold water.

These small adjustments that make the park more accessible to all, is an idea that Morgan hopes will spread to more water parks around the country.

For more information and resources on planning for your loved one with special needs, browse through our website at specialneedsforum.org.