Leander ISD Commits to Improving and Expanding their Special Education Programs

Dan Troxell is the Superintendent of Leander ISD. He recently sent an email out to all Leander ISD parents in regard to Special Education programs. Currently Leander ISD serves over 4,000 students through their special education programs.

While the district currently complies with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act “IDEA” and Individual Education Program “IEP”, there has been a recent issue in regard to the Texas Education Agency “TEA”. The TEA is being accused of placing an 8.5 percent cap on the number of students eligible to enroll in Special Education programs. The TEA cleared this issue up by explaining that the 8.5 percent is not a cap but a relative indicator. Leander ISD has always exceeded this indicator and special education programs currently serve 11 percent of its student population.

Superintendent Troxell has made it his mission to ensure every student in the district receives the best education possible. Throughout the last 9 months Troxell has engaged parents, students, employees, and community members to gain knowledge and experience about special education and its programs. There will be a continuous stride to keep learning and improving all special education programs along with ensuring that all students will have access to these programs.

For more information and resources on planning for your loved one with special needs, browse through our website at specialneedsforum.org.