Roberta the Robot Will be Able to Help Children with Special Needs

Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon is a worldwide tech conference that is being held in New York City this year. Rutgers University sophomores introduced a robot-like device named Roberta that was created for teachers in special needs classrooms.

This robot uses, computer vision and sentiment analysis to identify distressed students in the classroom. When a student speaks to Roberta she turns spoken words into text. Once the text is written, Roberta can interpret the text and notify an adult if help is needed.

The inspiration behind the robot came from the notion that children with special needs have a difficult time communicating. Their goal was to create a “middle man” to help a child communicate more effectively and without distress.

With this growth in technology, there is hope to create and implement similar robots for individuals with autism and dementia. Hopefully one day, robots like Roberta will be available in classrooms nationwide.

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This robot helps kids with special needs to communicate