Keeping Kids Safe with Cocoon-Like Bed

“Rose Morris just wanted a safe place for her son Abram to sleep; she ended up building a specialty bed business that’s just earned national recognition from the U.S. Small Business Administration.”

Rose’s son, Abram was diagnosed with autism at age two, and has always had trouble sleeping through the night. The family became especially worried on vacations, fearing he might wander off during the night when everyone else was sleeping.

With the help of a friend from Texas, Rose came up with her idea of the “Safety Sleeper”. They went through several versions until they found one that worked for Abram. The safety sleeper is a tent-like portable bed made with machine washable, medical grade fabric and a special mesh overhead used for motioning. The beds are now being sold online at

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Cocoon-Like Bed Aims To Keep Kids With Special Needs Safe