A resource for families who have a loved one with special needs

When you go to sleep at night, are you sleeping peacefully, knowing that if something happens to you, your family will be taken care of?  What words describe how you feel about your family’s future?

For many families who have a loved one with special needs, their answers include:  worried, concerned, and overwhelmed.  What if you could gain the knowledge and implement a plan for your family and loved one with special needs that would make you feel calm, reassured, and secure?

The resources found at the Special Needs Forum help educate and guide you in preparing that plan.

From here, you are able to sign up for our free live events, purchase the online course, purchase our book and research businesses that are dedicated to helping families who have a loved one with special needs.

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During our Live Events, you will socialize with other families, get to know Local Partners in your geographical area and learn from presentations on topics facing the special needs community.  Our Live Events change your life!




Our course teaches you the things to you need to know to build a fortress of protection for your loved one with special needs.

The course is broken down into manageable pieces to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed that can occur as the parent of a loved one with special needs.

The course helps you learn:

How to build a protection plan for your loved one with special needs that will last a lifetime.

How to ensure your loved one with special needs won’t lose important government benefits.

How to ensure you are always able to help make decisions for your loved one with special needs once they are an adult.

How to ensure that someone who knows how to help care for your loved one with special needs is always there.

How to get the most out of your savings and social security to ensure your loved one with special needs has resources.


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The Book

In addition to the online course, the learning material is available in book form.


What people are saying about the Special Needs Forum

Attending the Special Forum was one of the best things I did.  I learned so much about the legal things I need to be cognizant about regarding taking care of my daughter with IDD and Autism. She is now 18 and the forum was an eye opening experience.

  — Suzyn B.

I have been attending the Special Needs Forum for a couple of years now and I can’t say enough how much I have benefited from all these sessions--and I mean EVERY ONE of them!  With two children on the Autism Spectrum, it could be overwhelming just to think about how to care for them when they become adults.  Fortunately I discovered this forum and it provided me the answers and directions I was looking for!

— Nadia F.

Sometimes I went to the same topics even more than once because I always learn something new.  We are living in an ever changing world and Julia makes sure that the information presented is up to date and in sync with new laws and new regulations.   I always walked out of these sessions with a lot more valuable knowledge than I had ever expected.   

What I learned has helped me tremendously in putting together a comprehensive plan for my children.  You really don’t want to miss this forum if you are involved in the life of someone that is special.  It’s time so very well spent!

This forum provides the kind of information that can make a big difference in planning for the future for families of children with special needs. It's a great resource for families! 

— Rosemary A.

I strongly suggest anyone with kids who have disabilities participate. The law changes often and the special needs forum keeps you informed. It is also great to meet with other folks in similar situations.  It is a legal and community resources hub.